GCDJ @ Ridley Road Market Bar

Photo: Ridley Road Market Bar

Where? Ridley Road Market Bar, 49 Ridley Road, E8 2NP

Vibe? Laid-back and cool.

Entry? Free

Located at a quirky spot, just a short walk from Dalston Kingsland and Dalston Junction, Ridley Road Market Bar is one of those places you simply must experience. The bar is in the middle of Ridley Road Market – when the market closes, the bar opens. Tropical vibes, great tunes and piña coladas in plastic cups (they’re to die for, so are their ginger mojitos) are just some great things about it. Good vibes and good times. Coloured lights and green palms, £5 pizza served by the Slice Girls until 9.30pm.

Another thing to add to the list is their booking of DJ’s. On Friday 25th Feb, the banging girl duo GCDJ led us through the night. Good thing the opening hours got extended for the event, because not only did people stand in que for about an hour in the rain to get it, but the DJ’s deserved it. From Steve Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke’ and Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’ to Drake and his ‘One Dance’, they played it all. Hips shaking, hands in the air and singing as if there is no tomorrow, the night was electric from start to finish.

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By Kine Ternsten Bye