The Stour Space: Multi-function for varied expression

Nestled in Hackney Wick, across the River Lea from the Olympic Stadium, is one of the borough’s best culture organisations: the Stour Space. Offering a venue for everything from performance arts to exhibitions, this venue aims to promote art in all its forms, as well as innovative businesses. To achieve this, it cooperates with local enterprises, artists, committees and residents to help creatively produce such art.


Once a disused building, the Space was re-invented as an art venue in 2009 through the motivation of the local community. It now boasts “40 studio tenants, a 2000 square feet open plan gallery space and over 20 local grassroots programmes on site”, as well as a cafe with views of the waterway and Olympic Park.

The current exhibition, Good Day, debuted on the 20th of January as an answer to Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. All of the works presented in this exhibition revolve around Ice Cube’s song It was a Good Day, which supposedly refers to the 20th of January, 1992. The 17 participating artists made these works in order to celebrate the song’s positive outlook. The exhibition is accessible to all for free, in the space’s main hall, with opening times from 5AM to 9PM daily. The address is 7 Roach Road, Tower Hamlets, London, E3 2PA. For more info, visit