Typefaces and book-binding at the London Centre for Book Arts

The London Centre for Book Arts (LCBA) is a prime location for artists in Hackney. As its name implies, it deals in particular with books and book-making processes, from binding to printing and publishing.

Artist-run and using an open-access model, it provides education programmes to the community and an opportunity for designers, artist and makers to access the necessary resources to make their projects and ideas come to life.


The Centre also offers introductory workshops on any subject from letter-press printing to foil blocking and bookbinding. These usually take between an afternoon and a day, and prices range from £37 to £121.

During these classes, people that are new to the techniques and practices of book-making will get to learn all about them, surrounded and instructed by professionals, and from there earn the opportunity to obtain studio passes and memberships.

With these in hand, and with the skills they have been taught in the workshops, aspiring bookbinders will be able to use the centre’s resources to create their own books and pamphlets. For more information, you can head to www.londonbookarts.org or visit them at London Centre for Book Arts, 56 Dace Road, E3 2NQ.